2d Animation

As well as 3D visualisation and motion graphics services we also offer traditional 2D animation services.div>

Animated characters can be used as a mascot to present or sell your company and it’s products providing an emotional attachment that real life cannot do.

They are also perfect for explaining who you are and what you offer without having to present yourselves or hire in a presenter.

Animation can be used to train staff or demonstrate instructions to the end user.

Characters can even interact with you while you converse with them live on stagein a real time conversation that doesn’t even need a script. The opportunities today are incredible

Today characters can be drawn and then added to a rig within software and from there they can be animated in real time, reacting to speech and body movements via camera. This makes the process much, much faster than it used to be.

Rather than reinventing the wheel every time we need to make the character perform complex movements, most of these have now been rigged and we can place our character into it for instant results.

Our knowledge of motion graphics allows us to add incredible effects and production value to the animations. It’s amazing what a simple 2d drawing can speedily be turned into.

Characters can also be made in 3D, although this is a more complex process. The opportunities to combine 2D, 3D and motion graphics, however are endless!


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