3D CGI Visualisation

3D graphics today allow us to create lifelike visual representations of products and places that only exist thus far on paper. You can be standing in a shell of a building looking at what looks like a real photograph of what it will look like when building work is finished. Or see a product that is so far only a blueprint. We can animate it in any direction,fly through a building or look inside where it would be impossible in real life. VR is even beginning to allow the viewer to do this in real time.

CGI allows us to create very impressive 3D models of your product from your technical specification.

The perfect image of your product can be created from the drawing board making allowing to launch prior to production of the first real life samples.

Conceptual Imagery – A single image can convey various concepts – either real references or stylised images.

X-Ray images of the product – the interiors of any vehicle or product which can be very easily followed by the viewer, as well as exploded views of parts. The entire workings of a machine can even be animated.

Different Styles – The input required will be only the references –where in any style as per your desire can be created – from Cartoon to Photorealistic.

3D worlds can be created to place your product in or characters show it in use or promote it.

Logos and iconscan be brought to life in 3D.

3d architecture – Sketch-up models or drawings can be turned into fantastic photorealistic 3D buildings in its environment. Impressive 3D Floor Plans can also be drawn and 3D flythroughs can be animated.

Product Animation – Animated tours of your product or a 360 turntable.


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